"Mercenaries 2 Giving Away Free Gas in London"

"Tskhinvali: Georgian soldiers rest at a petrol station"

"Glamour model Katie Price cut a sad and gaunt figure as filled up her car near her Surrey home today."

"The Bendigo Petrol Buzzer program aims to bring driveway service to people that have significant mobility issues which make it difficult for them to fill up their own car"



Kuweit, 1963

Imogen Thomas

Michelle Trachtenberg

Armless pilot Jessica Cox pumping gas

Caril Ann Fugate

"British fire-eater Priscilla Birt has been classified as a stationary engine by the Ministry of Fuel and Power so that she can be allocated her ration of fuel in petrol-starved Britain."

Gas station in Gambia

Women-owned gas station

"1939: A woman pays for her petrol with a ration card at a petrol station in Wandsworth, South London"

"Minicars": Two drivers in one horsepower cars at a filling station near Barnet, one having her tank filled and the other talking to an RAC motorcyclist. The cars, designed by J W Shillam, are fully licensed for the road and retail at 70 pound

Washington, DC, 1929